Good for her. As I understand it, this is cash upfront to the writer, even if nothing ever comes of it. And Options have a lifespan, so they can expire and revert to the author. Arthur C. Clarke sold the options to Childhood's End many times, and William Gibson has done the same with Neuromancer. » 10/23/14 3:58pm 10/23/14 3:58pm

There's a similar scene in Due South. Benton Frasier is a Mountie, so for most of the series while he's in Chicago he doesn't use a gun. But there's one episode on a ship on the Great Lakes and when the ship crosses the international border line, Frasier snatches up a pistol and performs the most amazing shots to… » 10/23/14 12:01pm 10/23/14 12:01pm

The 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' movie is taking that route. It's set in the early sixties, with a CIA agent and a KGB agent co-operating, and at some point we see them joint the beginnings of U.N.C.L.E. I hope it works, because I'm not thrilled with the casting. » 10/20/14 11:44am 10/20/14 11:44am