Also note that Adrianne Palicki is 5'11" while Scarlett Johansson is 5'3". So I would expect different fighting styles. Bobbi is going to take advantage of her reach, while Natasha is going to get close-in and dirty. » 1/28/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

Everyone's favourite Gibson opening seems to be the one from Neuromancer, but I like the one from Count Zero, "THEY SET A SLAMHOUND on Turner's trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair.". » 1/28/15 1:45pm Yesterday 1:45pm

It's a pretty nasty slight, because there's a whole featurette on the DVD of Batman Begins about the fight sequences. They used a very specific martial art that emphasized close-in, rapid sequence fighting, and choreographed it very carefully. I think that guy is a bit of a dick. » 1/21/15 6:46am 1/21/15 6:46am